Our rooms

Relaxation in the most beautiful privacy

With us you reside in luxurious apartments, which all have their own private terrace.

Here you can retreat and let your soul dangle.

Whoever falls asleep must also sleep late

All of our rooms are furnished with wonderfully comfortable box-spring beds covered with cooling Egyptian cotton

• • • • • • • • • •

The beds can also be arranged as single beds if required

YOU determine the weather in your apartment

Enjoy a cool rain shower in our comfortable bathrooms and enjoy the scent of the fluffy towels that we have prepared for you

• • • • • • • • • •

Fan, air conditioning or heating - the choice is yours

Would you like a connection to the outside?

Free WiFi and TV in all rooms

The casa has four spacious apartments and a small casita.
So that you can prepare your mind for a restful holiday sleep
If you want to get in the mood, we have provided a small selection for you.


Look in here!

Would you like to wake up and drink your first coffee in the morning sun on your own terrace, or let your gaze wander over the sea to Ibiza when the weather is clear?
Here you will feel like God in France even though you are in Spain!
Only a few steps separate you from the dip in the gorgeous pool and from the breakfast buffet.

If you are indispensable at home or at work and still have something to do on your laptop, a small desk with a chair and lamp - by the way in all rooms - can help.

Enjoy wonderful peace, morning sun and the warming rays of sunshine in the evening, you can do that here to your heart's content!
Look at the vines from your bed, get up and enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains from the terrace. Now you realize that it's most beautiful here in the Casa. Oh yes, out the door, then to the left about 10 steps and you are lying in the pool. Please don't forget your bathing suit!

Desk, lamp, chair - home office couldn't be nicer.

During the evening "Sundowner" you can enjoy the view of Denia's local mountain, which beguiles its observers in the evening in shimmering red.
At an early hour, a fabulous sunrise follows, which you can enjoy from your room.
You can then let the soothing view of the olive trees work its magic on you in a shady spot on your lounger.
Who wants to know anything about the desk in the room? But there's still everything.

Welcome to the largest room at the Casa. Here you have pure outlet, and that has a reason:
Almendros is barrier-free and has an extra bed in case friends come.
The other residents will definitely envy you for the sun-drenched terrace in late autumn.
Here you can cultivate your holiday tan in peace and quiet. In the summer months you can have a good time under the parasol.

Enjoy your vacation in a beautiful little retreat on our property.
Here you are self-sufficient and yet among friends.
Your happiness is in direct sight:
Coffee and breakfast whenever you want it or cooking like in a star restaurant? You can surpass yourself in peace and quiet in your own casita kitchen. A barbecue grill on your terrace rounds off the feast.
Oh yes, privacy under the starry sky is provided by your own whirlpool in the garden.
And because happiness is the only thing that doubles when shared, our Casita bonita is designed for two people.

Minimum stay in the casita: 5 nights WITHOUT breakfast
Prices per night can be found under “Room prices”

Would you like to come to us with friends or a permanent group?
You are welcome to book all four rooms "todo completo" and take care of yourself during your stay.
It works like this: you can buy everything you need for breakfast, lunch or dinner yourself in the nearby supermarkets and feel like you are in a holiday home. The fully equipped kitchen and a barbecue area are completely at your disposal.

"Todo completo" only when booking all four rooms and without breakfast buffet (logical, you do it yourself)

Sweat pearl divers welcome!

Fancy our Canadian cedar wood sauna with a view of the beautiful Spanish surroundings?
Maybe you could enjoy a soothing bath afterwards, including an underwater massage in the jacuzzi?
With a starry sky like in a thousand and one nights, you can of course swim as far as the waves take you.
Where? Always straight ahead - our countercurrent system makes it possible.
Now quickly go to the lounger to relax and enjoy the good life!

Room prices per day

08.January - 30.April 99,00 EUR
01.May - 30.June 119,00 EUR
01.July - 31.August 139,00 EUR
01.September - 30.September 119,00 EUR
01.October - 22.Decenber 99,00 EUR
23.December - 07.January 119,00 EUR

Price for the 3rd bed in the Almendros room on request, depending on the season.

Minimum stay 3 nights

Prices include breakfast, bed linen, towels and pool towels.

Forgot a beach towel at home? You are welcome to get an XL towel from us for free. One towel per week possible per person.

Prices "todo completeto" per day

08.January - 30.April 356,00 EUR
01.May - 30.June 436,00 EUR
01.July - 31.August 516,00 EUR
01.September - 30.September 436,00 EUR
01.October - 22.December 356,00 EUR
23.December - 07.January 436,00 EUR

Final cleaning of the kitchen: 80,00 EUR

Minimum stay 3 nights

The indicated prices are WITHOUT breakfast buffet
Bed linen, towels and pool towels are included in the group price.

Forgot a beach towel at home? You are welcome to get an XL towel from us for free. One towel per week possible per person.