Yoga, massages and much more

Enjoy your time out with us

You are welcome to spend your yoga holiday with us or throw your old thought patterns overboard in a seminar.
Maybe you just want to be pampered with a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage?

You can find our current event dates here.

10 days of lomi

January 15-25, 2023

THE highlight for massage worshipers - there's sun on top!

From the Hawaiian wellness massage to the profound therapeutic Lomi treatment with unique bodywork techniques, there is something for everyone!
Let yourself be pampered, inspired and reboot your body.

"Regardless of what you come with - whether pure relaxation or intensive body encounter - you will feel renewed, light and clear."
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Are you staying with us at the Casa during this period? You are welcome to reserve an appointment in advance by email or just make a spontaneous decision.

60 minutes EUR 77, 90 minutes EUR 99

Either way - we are looking forward to Sabine and YOU!